• Celltek selected trading partners in order to enhance our engineering strategy specially in oil and gas sector, currently Celltek is a distributor for Faure Herman , a market leader for meters and for PORTWEST which is specialized in PPE’s and life safety equipment moreover other partners that support our goals.

About PortWest

  • Celltek is a distributor to PORTWEST Ltd, which is an international company located in UK. This company boasts an extensive and unique collection of PPEs . PortWest has over 110 years of experience and a heritage of quality, value and service, Portwest is firmly established as a world leader in the design and manufacture of stylish, comfortable, high-quality workwear that meets recognised international standards
PORTWEST has an important concern of health and safety, their products are independently tested and certified by accredited test houses and notifying bodies.
PORTWEST are dealing with significant customer with recognized brands and as part of our role in marketing PORTWEST products, we are currently extending our customer database, reaching out to new clients and building partnerships so as to increase our sales.

About Faure Herman

  • CELLTEK is a sole distributor to FUARE HERMAN. One of the largest designer manufacturers for high-accuracy flow-meters for liquid hydrocarbon applications both in O&G and aerospace industries. 
  • Present across the globe, FAURE HERMANS’ flow-metering equipment are developed around two main technologies : helical turbine and ultrasonic. 
  • Measurement by HELICAL TURBINE METER uses the velocity of the flowing liquid to rotate a uniquely designed Dual Bladed Rotor at a speed that is proportional to fluid velocity.
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