Service Station Wet stock Management(SAVE)



November 2015

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wet stock management system

 SAVE is a wet stock management system that ensures the maximization of profits for our customers, saving money and saving fuel while ultimately minimizing risks. 

  •  WSM system is a Web interface system (Android & iOS) in a bilingual interface (Arabic and English), requiring only a PC and an internet connection.

  •  Wet stock management is a tool to save the environment and the client working capital. The fuel profit margins being squeezed every year, the value of protecting against fuel losses is increasing. Save works hard to ensure the maximization of profits for all of our customers, saving money and saving the environment .

  •  It has been built “data entry” for dealers/owners/managers of gas stations which allows them to capture daily wet stock data directly into the online data base to track inventory levels (using standard sheets WSM).

Wet Stock Management (Save) produce daily which include:

  • Follow-up data entry, accumulated losses or gains

  • Recording deviations (alarms) for each product for each station.

  • Monitoring the quantities of receipt variation. 

  • Monthly/yearly: which include:

  •  Total alarms for each station.

  • Total alarms for each product.

  • Total sales volume for each station.

  • Total receipts volume for each station 

  • celltek offer highly qualified back office team to monitor the wet stock deviation and daily stock and report in case of alarms

Sample of Reports


Minimize environmental hazard by: Early alarm for stock deviation To have a daily realistic view on wet stock management of gas stations Monitoring and reporting for wet stock

why Save?

Save systems will help you to detect leaks much more quickly and when the leakage rate is much lower, thereby minimizing losses/damage to the environment/safety risks, as well as providing a robust means of generating fuel stock data all of which can be used to analyze loss trends over definable periods of time.


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