Fleet Management Technolgy


What is Fleet Management Services?

Our fleet management services rely on a fleet management software that is integrated with the GPS.

The Fleet Management System is integration between safety, security and operational aspects. Vehicle tracking is the main component in our fleet management services.

How GPS vehicle tracking works ?

What is the benefits of installing GPS in my fleet?



Additional GPS benefits

  • GPS vehicle tracking solutions can work to help you gain a complete control over your fleet, significantly reduce costs and improve productivity Reducing fuel costs can be controlled by GPS as speeding is a huge factor in high fuel usage

  • Improving driver behavior is another major contributor to the importance of the GPS as it gives information regarding driving behavior

  • GPS helps improve safety and security in case a vehicle is stolen

  • Reports and alerts are automated on a weekly or monthly basis giving information about vehicle and driver activity.

Fleet Management System Reports

  •  Total distance traveled.  

  • Driving time 

  •  Location visited(time taken to reach it).

  •  Parking time and parking location .

  •  Idle time and location.

  •  Average fuel consumption. 

  •  Ignition On & Off.

What Celltek offer

  • Celltek offers supply and installation services for any type of fleet and all over the Egyptian governorates

  • Celltek provides our customers with a back office team 24/7 to monitor your fleet report in case of emergency

  • Celltek provides our customers with daily reports including safety and performance reports

Sample of our Reports


Our Clients

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