Facility Management

Facility Management

Building on 20 years of experience in the O&G Celltek has established a facility management section to serve O&G sites. Our facility

management services objective is to ensure safe, healthy and environmental working place . while providing day on day services

timely and efficiently.


Celltek provide maintenance management to ensure seamless operations through resident technical team provide to provide 

corrective, preventive & predictive maintenance tasks . in addition to reporting system for maintenance activities, safety , and 

assist in maintenance annual budget planning. Ensure creating a safe working environment and to improve operations efficiency, 

reliability, availability and maintainability.


Services provided:

1- Pumps maintenance

2- Fire alarm and firefighting systems

3- Power, lighting and backup systems

4- Grounding

5- Tanks gauging and calibration

6- Process flow metering and calibration

7- Automation and control


 Celltek provides soft services such as cleaning  using trained  labors , complying with hygiene best practices.

Portsaid ExxonMobile Terminal

Celltek scope

To be responsible for all preventive and corrective maintenance activities in Portsaid terminal through a resident team .