Celltek  construction section focused on O&G, Industrial & retail sectors. Our strength  in Experience, Standards,  Specialist Services and  safety. We have executed a wide range of  projects in different environments.  Our capabilities includes  full range of contracting services as 
1-Civil works (Excavation, Backfilling, Concrete works, Steel construction and etc).
2-Electromechanical works(HVAC systems, Piping ”Steel, UPP, KPS, Stainless steel”, Firefighting systems, Low/Medium voltage systems, Electrical panels building, Low current systems ”Fire alarm, CCTV and etc”.
3- Design & implementing branding services.

About Service

  • Celltek is a full service industrial and commercial construction and remodeling company. We can help with any project no matter how large or small and you can rely on us to complete the job on-time and on-budget.

Service range

  • Civil works
  • Electromechanical works
  • Design & implementing branding services

Case Studies

ExxonMobil “El-Narges” Fuel Station Project

Project Description

  • Building a new service station on 4000 m2 Including administration building with two levels, oil bay and four dispensers forecourt

Celltek Scope

  • Celltek carried out project & safety management starting from tendering , reviewing and approving the consultant design drawings and the contractor workshop drawings , specialized equipment selection ( Fuel dispensers, EX submersible pumps , …. etc. ) , cash flow management , commissioning and startup supervision and handing over the station to the owner

Mex LOBP Steel Roof Replacement

Project Description

  • Celltek Developed a detailed execution plan including all safety procedures ,precautions and execution methodology .

Celltek Scope

  • Celltek Worked with ExxonMobil CSSR Committee to clarify project deliverables and to insure that the project activities will be executed in a safely work manner including developing a lifting plan for each column (128 Columns) - Celltek succeeded to deal with the challenge of not shutting down the facility during the work execution.

University Of Canada (NEW Capital)

Project Description

  • University of Canada is a unique project as it is the first campus to be launched in the administrative capital with a new concept of hosting foreign universities , the Campus area is around 30 acres.

Celltek Scope

  • Our scope was to : Design electromechanical works tender package for the project.
  • To acquire price offers for Contracting/ Supplies for the participated vendors like ( Philips , Siemens , Honeywell , Grundfos , …..
  • Evaluate technical and financial offers with recommendations for the owner (Total sum of contracts managed by Celltek = 30,000,000).

ExxonMobil Labs Upgrading

Project Description

  • Celltek works closely with ExxonMobil within the scope of design and upgrading (Cairo-Suez-Alexandria) ExxonMobil’s terminals’ labs which is considered as a high classified hazardous area and requires a high level of experience to deal with fuels and hydrocarbon vapors .

Celltek Scope

  • Celltek Worked with ExxonMobil to standardize three labs .
  • Celltek succeeded to deal with high risks activities involved in the project by applying our safety standards.
  • our scope included design and execution .

Taqa Suez Terminal Tank 5 Foundation Project

Project Description

  • Celltek scope was to execute tank 5 foundation including all excavation ,filling and steel works. This project scope also includes RCF for tank 5 campus and tank dike

Heliopolis Club El Shrouk Service Center

Project Description

  • Celltek scope was to design and build an integrated service center including the following
  • M1C with twin pit service bay
  • Car wash and detailing bays
  • Tires services bay

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