Celltek Engineering

Celltek aims at supporting its customers’ business objectives and consistently delivering projects with outstanding safety and environmental performance that meet cost , schedule and quality targets.

Celltek is also committed to all regulatory code including codes , technical standards and best practices.

Celltek offers complete project management solution, contracting and manages all project challenges and constraints. We serve different sectors as oil and gas (midstream , downstream) , industrial plants , retail & buildings. It tends to be the most efficient project management solutions company in the Egyptian markets specially when it comes to high risk activities and safety challenges. leadership in ethical standards and in employment practices. And it targets managing and implementing engineering projects, such as electromechanical which include firefighting, central air conditioning, piping, low voltage , and light current in addition to various activities of civil work.


Celltek is a full service industrial and commercial construction and remodeling company.

Project Management

Celltek offers wide range of project management service such as:

  1. Design management
  2. Safety management
  3. Tendering process
  4. Procurement
  5. Technical supervision
  6. Reporting

Facility Management

Building has 20 years of experience in the O&G Celltek has established a facility management section to serve O&G sites. Our facility management services objective is to ensure safe, healthy and environmental working place . while providing day on day services timely and efficiently.


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